Feng Shui: New Projects

30,junio 2007

“The future is for those who believe in the beauty of dreams” 

ne.jpgI fail to remember who originally said that, but I recently heard a client of mine repeat it in a talk. In any case, I think it is the perfect heading for the issue we are dealing with today: new projects, in other words, our dreams.  

The aspiration for new projects is represented in the Northeast sector of an area. It may be represented in any room in the house or the office, but depending on the nature of our projects, it will be more appropriate to reflect it in more or less private rooms. In this way, if we wish to activate a personal project, we can do so in the bedroom, or if we want to activate a professional project, we can do it in the office.  

Logically, the most important thing to decide which project to activate, in terms of Feng Shui, is to analyze just what our objectives are, what we are setting out to achieve, what we are willing to invest and what we are going to achieve in return. Although it is ideal to have the ultimate goal more or less clear, it is also appropriate to understand the fact that, in order to attain it, a series of actions will be needed. As Punset says in his book, The journey to happiness, “pleasure, well-being and happiness lie in the searching process and not so much in achieving the desired end”.  

In the final count, each and every one of us has to decide personally if he/she wants to activate the intermediate projects aimed at achieving the object, and/or only the ultimate goal.  

A few days ago, I was talking about this aspiration to a client who owns a small business, and I asked him how far he wanted to go, where and how he would like to see himself professionally in 10 years` time. We began to comment on how important relationships and knowing a lot of people is for the success of his business. We analyzed the possibilities and the steps to take, then we realized that we needed to carry out a series of actions aimed at achieving our ultimate goal. These actions entailed joining a trade association, manage the media, attend a certain type of event … In the end, when we decided to activate the Northeast corner of his office in terms of Feng Shui, he was fully aware of just what his ultimate aim was and which actions to be taken in order to achieve it.  

globo-1.jpgBehind these actions, be they in the sphere of business or at a personal level, there is the underlying idea that the way of activating new projects is through an object of some kind that reminds us what our objective is. The element particular to the Northeast zone is earth. To round off with a practical example, in the Northeast corner of my office I have put a globe, which I spin round every morning to remind me of what my objectives are. Finally, just to add that this aspiration is highly recommendable for students. 

Maru Canales  

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“Nuevos Proyectos”