Feng Shui: Professional Career

Practicing Feng Shui can help you to prosper in your professional career, providing you with opportunities for promotion and attracting mentors who will increase your possibilities 

Each sector in a given area has a series of meanings, in terms of Feng Shui, that help us to enhance and represent our aspirations in specific aspects. Now we are going to analyze the North sector, and we are going to do so looking at the house as a whole, at the living room and/or the office.  

norte-1.jpgThe North is known as the sector representing our Professional Career, and it is here where have to reflect on our aspirations in this regard. Firstly, we have to take into account the fact that where we rest in our home, it is better not to enhance such active aspirations as this, so that if the north sector coincides with our bedroom, it is better to apply Feng Shui in the north corner of the living room and/or our place of work. 

The first step to take is to think about the attributes of our aspiration, in other words, how we want our professional career to be, analyze our strengths and weaknesses, decide on where we want to get to and what we are willing to give in exchange … Logically, this analysis is highly personally because we all have different aspirations in this area, depending on a host of factors, including the point where we are in our career. Once we are clear about the attributes, we can start to think about the way in which they can be represented through a decorative object that reflects them, such as a piece of sculpture, a painting …

A few days ago, while I was thinking about writing this column, I asked a headhunter friend of mine what it was that they most valued in a person’s Professional Career, and he told me, “lots of flight time and a degree of experience in emergency landings. The more aversion there is to risk, the less opportunities arise”. Thinking in terms of Feng Shui, I thought it interesting how the element used to represent Professional Career is water, because I see many parallelisms between opportunities, movement, progress and water. So we can conclude just what objects should be placed in the North:

  • A painting of the sea, of a lake, of a river …
  • A waterbody or aquarium
  • Colours: blue and black 

We can understand here that by attributing the image of a lake to our Career, we are ascribing it aspects such as calm, stability; whereas in the image of a river flowing down, we represent progress, objectives … everything is valid and only depends on what our aspirations are. 

Maru Canales

Translated articles

“La Carrera Profesional”



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