Feng Shui in the Law of Attraction

3,agosto 2007

“The Secret” is the title of a documentary that has aroused a revolution in society: “the secret gives you access to achieving all that you wish”. The secret is enclosed in the “Law of Attraction”, it works like a magnet, as we attract what we think:

 “All that we are arises with our thoughts”, Buddha

So we can understand just how important it is to direct our thoughts towards what we really feel, towards what we want to achieve, because that is what will happen. 

We should avoid thinking about what we do not want, because we will also attract just that. Most of our thoughts arise in response to what we are observing. This is why, if our current situation is not what we would like, it is hard for us get ourselves out of it. 

Bearing in mind that a positive thought is a thousand times more powerful than its opposite, it is worth while attempting to do the following: 

  • Express gratitude 

When we give thanks to the universe for all the good things around us, our thoughts are positive and so too are our feelings

  • Through the five senses 

Something that we have looked at quite often in this blog is the need for our surroundings to provide a support for our thoughts and feelings: by contemplating beauty (of an office, of a painting, a flower …), by enjoying a pleasant smell, by listening to music that sets us in an agreeable state of mind

  • Visualize 

A highly powerful formula is to attempt to visualize ourselves in the situation that we aspire to: signing a contract, marrying someone we love, passing an exam … This technique can be helped along by photographs or by writing, echoing what we set out to improve in each area of our lives

  • Practicing Feng Shui 

Once we have decided what our aspirations are, we echo them in our surroundings through representative objects so that each time that we contemplate them, our thoughts can be directed at our wishes. In the article Introduction to Feng Shui”, you can see how to echo each aspiration

Once we have formulated our wishes, we need to trust that we will get the response and we will have to be ready to accept it!

Maru Canales

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