Feng Shui: Prosperity and Wealth

8,agosto 2007

“Trusting in oneself is the secret of success” 

According to Chinese philosophy, a person’s luck is divided into three: divine fortune (some are born lucky), surrounding fortune (on which Feng Shui acts directly) and a person’s luck, our abilities. This must be the most important of the three and, I am sure, the one with the greatest influence on our lives, without developing our capacities, it will be hard to access the other types of luck.

se-2.jpgNow we have come to the southeast sector, one that, I am certain, is one of the most hoped for because it is here where the aspiration of wealth, success and prosperity is expressed. Paradoxically, it is the element of wood through which prosperity is expressed. In its yang form, as the Chinese would say, or in its living expression, it is an element that can grow, which also suggests to us the idea of growing.

In this regard, I would like to comment on the keys to success or good fortune put forward by Trías de Bes and Alex Rovira in their book, “Good luck”. “If you are not lucky now, perhaps it is because the circumstances are as they always were. For good luck to come your way, it is appropriate to create new circumstances: for this reason, good luck only depends on you”.

Once again, change arises in an aspiration as a form of progress and, in this case, of success. One of the aspects that most enthuses me about Feng Shui technique is its application as the ideal vehicle to start a positive dynamic of change. Not in vain, the first book of Feng Shui on record is the “I Ching”, literally translated as “Change”. As commented in the analysis of professional career aspirations, the greater the aversion to change, the less opportunities arise.

So the way to enhance prosperity and success in a given area is by reflecting wealth in the décor, in other words, the southeast corner of the dining room or office. This is the area where we put the most valuable objects, the best painting in the house, the best sculpture, the best vase … Let me give you my personal turn on this aspiration: I not only use the element particular to this area: wood. I also add the element that feeds it: water. Following this train of thought, if I want to hang a painting there, I look for one with a field (wood) and a river (water), a vase with flowers … 

Maru Canales 

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“Exito y prosperidad”