Feng Shui: Fame and Social Recognition

15,agosto 2007

“You will achieve a good reputation by making an effort to be what you want to be like” 

Traditionally, in psychology, social recognition represents the subject’s perception of esteem coming from others. Most of us like to deny the importance of how others see us.

sur-1.jpgBut however, either directly or indirectly, how others appreciate us certainly does affect us, both personally and professionally. At a given point in time, we all move out of a need for recognition. For this reason, it is vital to attempt to make the people around us feel acknowledged because it is a source of motivation and satisfaction, so that when an individual makes progress, the same happens to us all.

On this issue, Teresa Amabile, Professor in Marketing at Harvard, has researched into the impact of people’s immediate surroundings and, although she applies it to the work environment, it is logical to consider that it affects us in all areas of life: “the context predisposes individuals to liberate or block off the emotional dimension that sets the difference at work”.

To illustrate this, by keeping the office untidy, it would be difficult to be highly organized in going about our work. But it would be even more difficult to convince our bosses that we are the ideal person for promotion, bearing in mind that higher positions call for a greater capacity to organize.

A similar thing applies at a personal level: if we want to show that we are romantic, our chances of success would be infinitely greater if we took our partner to a good restaurant, for a candlelit meal, with flowers and violins. On the other hand, romantic proposals at a McDonald’s are prone to a lower success rate.

sur2.jpgEvidently, there is information in the publicity adverts that we tune into at a conscious level, while other details are aimed at our subconscious. According to Feng Shui, our surroundings work in the same way, perhaps subconsciously, as other people make up their own concept of us through what they see, not only in terms of the area as a whole, but also of the situation in a specific area corresponding to the South sector. So, as well as looking after the general image of our house or work place, we should pay special attention to looking after is South area because it is what we represent here that determines how we project ourselves to others.

The element expressing fame and social recognition is fire, which is associated with the sun, i.e., light, heat, all its colors from bright yellow, orange, reds through to pinks … The simplest item to use here would be a lamp, switched on. As with other aspirations, to choose the object that represents us in terms of Feng Shui, we must first think about how we want to be seen and, as Socrates put it, make an effort to be what you want to be like! 

Maru Canales 

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“Fama y reconocimiento social”