Feng Shui: Commitment

22,agosto 2007

Now we turn to the southwest sector that, according to Feng Shui, represents the aspiration of commitment, of marriage.

From my professional point of view, this is the most difficult aspiration to manage, not only for being the one that involves the most emotions and feelings, but also because, when all is said and done, every couple is an enigma but who knows the magic formula?

We shall now look at an example of the subjectivity surrounding this issue of a couple type relationship. In “The simple art of writing”, by Raymond Chandler, he includes a compilation of personal letters dedicated to his wife, then deceased.

“For thirty years, ten months and two days, she was the light of my life, my sole ambition. She was the music heard almost on the brink of sound. She was the beat of my heart. All else that I did was to kindle the fire in which she could warm her hands …”.

The journalist, Rosa Montero, wrote an article commenting on this book with,

“I am sure that it wasn’t all peaches and cream all the time. They must have got angry, argued, hurt one another. They may even have fallen in love with others, and there may well have been times of hating each other (…). Living together is like that. A long road riddled with accidents. And perhaps it is that very road that ends up by uniting people. It involves building a common past, from one life into two. It is remembering those tender moments but also, and perhaps more than anything, getting over the bad times (…). You can carry on loving if you insist on loving, if you decide to continue loving the other, if you persevere with it, despite everything …”

Personally, what most strikes me is the fact that there are two different views of the same love, the first, more romantic, as opposed to the pragmatism of the second. But I suppose that we all stamp our character, our experiences and, sad to say, our fears onto a love relationship.

I invite you to use the Feng Shui technique to venture one step further, just to improve, even though it might be only a little, in the aspiration that we are focussing on today. So let us try to express our wishes, that to which we aspire rather than what we have. Also, those who are fortunate enough to live in an extraordinary situation in this regard, I would invite them not to touch anything.

The element representing this aspiration of commitment is, not by chance, the earth, which, among other things, is associated with the number two. In the business world, this aspiration is translated into partners and clients. The most common way of expressing it is by a decorative element involving a two-fold nature or a couple which, in a way, would suggest that these attributes are important to us. Examples of this are a sculpture of a couple, to independent sculptures, a painting with a couple, a couple of paintings …

A brief anecdote to round this off: in the southwest sector of the Emperor’s chambers, this aspiration was expressed by numerous two-fold objects as a way of representing the highest possible number of concubines required of him because of his rank … 

Maru Canales

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“El Compromiso”