Feng Shui: Creativity

29,agosto 2007

creatividad.jpgCreativity is represented in the West sector of a given area, although it is directly responsible for innovation. In a sense, innovation may be taken to be one of the key factors in change and the change in progress.

We can now find on the market a documentary on quantum physics, made by a heterogeneous group of American researchers, called “What the bleep do we know?” The documentary explains to us that “the brain does not know the difference between what is seen and what is remembered”, because the same neuronal networks are activated for both functions. An incredible anecdote is told: evidently, the Caribbean natives could not see Christopher Columbus’ ships on the horizon. This was due to the fact that they had never seen a ship before. Only the tribe’s shaman was able to see them through his daily observation of the horizon, so that when he was aware of what he was seeing, he warned the others who, because of their trust in him and because more and more appeared, began to see the ships.

So creativity arises as a real challenge. According to the dictionary definition, creativity is the act of producing something from nothing or of establishing something for the first time. But however, if we take a look at the history of the great universal thinkers, we would realize that none were able to create anything of any value until after ten years of intense dedication to what they were doing. Neither Aristotle, Leonardo nor Einstein started their work from nothing: they all used knowledge developed previously by others, devoting many years of their lives to learning them, experimenting with them later by drawing the available data together, in unsuspected ways.

According to the coaching expert, Germán Nicolás, in his book “Rowing together”, where he deals with optimizing entrepreneurial management, creativity has four ingredients: skillfulness, perseverance, motivation and the presence of a creative context:

“It is within the creative context where the time available, a favorable climate and a physical space become important, opening up or blocking our capacity to think and innovate”

In terms of Feng Shui, it is the West sector that is responsible for representing the creative capacity through the metal element: but more importantly, it must reflect creativity. So that the best way to enhance this aspiration that we are concerned with today entails decorating this area in the most innovative, creative a manner as possible.

Nevertheless, this is the area in which our sons and daughters are also represented. Personally, in this area I like to put paintings or abstract sculptures open to various interpretations, depending on our state of mind or on whoever looks at them. 

Maru Canales 

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