Translated articles

Translated articles

Letter of presentation


For years I would ask myself, among other things, why I had made such a firm decision to study Sociology. When I found my first “serious” job at the Trade Department of a Multinational, I failed to understand the relationship between my academic training and my work.

I changed company, the years went by and I still could not see any link. Nonetheless, I do not know if it was by chance or intuition, but I never stopped studying everything that interested me, no matter how varied it was, from an MBA to Feng Shui.

When I got back from my first trip to Malaysia, I realized the connection between all my previous actions. I became aware of a new approach that I could give to the technique known as Feng Shui to apply it in our western culture, by dealing with it:

  • as a valid tool to lead to a positive dynamic for change in the individual, drawing benefit from it both in private life and in the organizations taking part
  • in a pragmatic, professionalized manner
  • focused on achieving results

By putting this into practice and realising the results, that was when my new profession as a Feng Shui consultant arose, in a truly natural way. And OCTO was set up as a company founded with one clear objective: “to help to boost our possibilities for personal and professional success”.

Maru Canales

Graduate in Political Sciences and Sociology at the Universidad Pontificia of Salamanca (1991) and an MBA Master Degree at Instituto de Empresa, I.E. (1995). My professional career has developed in multinationals such as American Express and DHL International and, on an independent basis, as a Feng Shui consultant at OCTO, a company founded in 2005.

Master in the Practice of Feng Shui (2005) and Master in Feng Shui Consultancy (2006) at the Lillian Too School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, attending the classes given by Master Lillian Too, as a student, I eventually joined her international group of consultants.

I continue broadening my training in complementary fields, taking part in programmes such as those given at Instituto de Empresa on “Leadership and Coaching” (2007).

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